RFW provides a selection of trainings that are specific to your management teams, Human Resource staff and employees.  

The primary function of these trainings is to ensure that each segment of the organization understands their roles and how to implement best practices in a way that supports employee's overall health and well-being, addresses the negative impact of SUD/MH in the workplace, enhances employee creativity and morale, and yet not lose sight of your bottom line.

RFW's trainings provide information on:

  • How to appropriately address, handle and care for employees experiencing addiction problems and other behavioral health issues;
  • How to review the workplace's policy, program, and rules with new hires and existing employees;
  • How to discuss how employees and their families can get help;
  • How to address employee performance issues due to substance misuse;
  • How to explain and implement employee protections that are included in the policy; information about substance misuse and their effects on performance; and
  • Prevention education efforts and resources available to employees in your area.

RFW provides customized training for organizations so their employees can understand the new policy, how the organization plans to implement the policy and the type of support available to them through the organization should they begin to experience substance use and mental health conditions.

Core Curriculum

Naloxone and Narcan Training

Course Description: This comprehensive training program is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively administer Naloxone or Narcan, life-saving medications used to reverse opioid overdoses. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of opioid overdose recognition, response, and the proper administration of Naloxone/Narcan in emergency situations.

Challenging Perspectives: Unveiling the Truths Behind Stigma in Mental Health and Substance Use

Course Description: This training program delves into the complex and pervasive issue of stigma surrounding substance use disorders (SUD) and mental illness. Participants will explore the origins of stigma, its impact on individuals facing these challenges, and strategies for creating a more supportive and empathetic workplace. The course combines evidence-based information, real-world case studies, personal contributions by instructors with lived experience, and interactive discussions to foster a deeper understanding of the societal factors contributing to stigma and empower participants to be advocates for change.

Benefits Education (Provided by Employer)

Course Description: Employer will schedule and conduct a review of benefits specifically tailored to substance use and mental health conditions. Employees should become aware of ADA regulations related to substance use disorder and mental health, PFML, Paid Leave, and any other benefits related to treating substance use disorders and mental health struggles. In addition, employees should be able to access resources like the contact information of the local Recovery Community Center and peer support groups.

Becoming a Recovery Ally

Course Description: This dynamic course is designed to empower individuals and employers with the knowledge and tools needed to create a supportive and inclusive workplace environment for employees in recovery from substance use disorders (SUD) and mental illness. Participants will explore evidence-based strategies, practical solutions, and best practices to foster a culture of understanding, compassion, and resilience.


  • Shatterproof Just Five
  • How to Access Resources in RI: A Comprehensive Look at Resources from Treatment, Hotlines, Recovery Housing and More.
  • Creating Peer Supporters and Peer Support Programs in the Workplace
  • Understanding Substance Use and Mental Health Conditions
  • A Training for Family Members Who Love Someone with a Substance Use and Mental Health Condition

Other Professional Growth Opportunities

  • Quarterly Workgroup Meeting of RFW Members
  • Monthly “Lunch and Learn” Webinars