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Rhode Island's Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative 

The Rhode Island Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative works with partners and employers to help address substance use and mental health conditions facing workforces and communities.

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Our goal is to provide consulting, guidance, training, and technical support to help organizations implement evidence-based workplace practices and support for employees in treatment and recovery, those looking to enter treatment, and people in recovery looking to reengage the workforce.

The Rhode Island Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW) Initiative acknowledges the critical role employers and institutions hold in elevating the importance of substance use and mental health conditions in the workplace and is dedicated to equipping them to address it.

Empowering workplaces to provide support for people recovering from substance use disorder

Led by Governor Dan McKee, Rhode Island’s “Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative” promotes individual wellness for Ocean Staters by empowering workplaces to provide support for people recovering from substance use disorder.

Governor Mckee

RFW Learning Series Calendar

Recovery Friendly Workplace: The Future of Employee Well-Being

Substance Use and Mental Health conditions cost employers 81 billion annually. Creating a recovery friendly workplace can break down the barriers that prevent employees from seeking help. This lunch webinar will discuss the various elements of becoming a Recovery Friendly Workplace from policy to practice.

March 6 | 12 Noon – 1 pm | Cost: Free

Recovery Community Centers

Rhode Island’s Recovery Community Centers offer a plethora of recovery support services such as: All-Recovery Meetings, Family Support Groups, Telephone Support, Wellness Activities, Expungement Workshops, Social Services Assistance, Drop-In Naloxone Distribution and Training, and more. Learn all that these seven community centers offer throughout RI in this lunch webinar.

April 3 | 12 Noon – 1pm | Cost: Free

Peer Support Programs in the Workplace

Employee peer support programs are crucial because they foster a sense of community and camaraderie within the workplace, promoting a positive and supportive atmosphere. These programs enhance employee well-being by providing a platform for individuals to share experiences, seek advice, and receive emotional support from colleagues who may understand their challenges firsthand. You will learn the foundational elements of workplace peer support programs and how to get started.

May 1 | 12 Noon – 1 pm | Cost: Free

The Top 3 Workplace Strategies that Impact Employee Well-Being

Training supervisors and managers to be able to address substance use and mental health conditions in their direct reports, workplace peer support programs, and benefits education are considered the top three most impactful elements enhancing employee well-being. Learn more about all three in this fast-moving lunch workshop as well as network with other professionals throughout the RI business community.

June 5 | 12 Noon – 1 pm | Cost: Free

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