Benefits of Becoming a Member

Incorporated into the membership benefits are:

  • Comprehensive orientation sessions covering RFW policies, organizational screening, and assessment.
  • Access to the RFW Toolkit designed for organizational leaders, HR professionals, and supervisors/managers.
  • Permission to utilize our logo, enabling your organization to be recognized as "Recovery Friendly" in hiring materials and HR outreach.
  • Quarterly opportunities for RFW members to connect, share best practices, and discuss pressing issues.
  • Monthly Lunch and Learn Webinars featuring insights from RFW staff and industry experts on workplace culture.
  • Authorized use of the exclusive RFW logo for members.
  • Optional display of your organization's logo and link on our website.
  • Potential spotlight features on social media platforms, projecting a strong message that your organization embraces a "Recovery Friendly" environment.
  • Dedicated, full-time RFW Advisor assigned to your business.
  • Ongoing support for the development of workplace initiatives.
  • Technical assistance in accessing treatment, peer support services, and training opportunities.
  • No cost involved, ensuring accessibility to the full spectrum of membership benefits.