RFW Rhode Island Workplace Well-Being Survey

Recovery Friendly Workplace of RI Workplace SUD/MH Survey is a tool you can use to gain better understanding of how your organization supports SUD/MH conditions.  The survey helps you assess your organizations existing SUD/MH benefits, programs, and policies and inform initiatives. The survey includes questions that cover four benchmarks:

  • Workplace Culture: Do leaders raise awareness about mental health and substance use conditions? What resource and policies does your organization dedicate to SUD/MH?
  • Employee Benefits: Does your benefit package address employee SUD/MH? What are your paid leave policies?
  • Training and Education: Do you provide leaders, managers, and employees with the knowledge and skills they need to understand SUD/MH issues?
  • Equity and Accessibility: How fair and inclusive are your policies, programs, practices, and benefits?
An example of the scoring card. The categories are workplace culture, employee benefits, education and training, and equity and accessibility