RFW Rhode Island Workplace Well-Being Survey

Recovery Friendly Workplace of RI Workplace SUD/MH Survey is a tool you can use to gain better understanding of how your organization supports SUD/MH conditions.  The survey helps you assess your organizations existing SUD/MH benefits, programs, and policies and inform initiatives. The survey includes questions that cover four benchmarks:

  • Workplace Culture: Do leaders raise awareness about mental health and substance use conditions? What resource and policies does your organization dedicate to SUD/MH?
  • Employee Benefits: Does your benefit package address employee SUD/MH? What are your paid leave policies?
  • Training and Education: Do you provide leaders, managers, and employees with the knowledge and skills they need to understand SUD/MH issues?
  • Equity and Accessibility: How fair and inclusive are your policies, programs, practices, and benefits?