Black Voices In Recovery: Meet Meko Lincoln


Black Voices in Recovery: Spotlight 1

Meet Meko Lincoln, A Black Voice in Recovery that also works for the Amos House as a Men’s Program Coordinator

Listen & Read to How Meko Describes His Recovery Journey

"The disease of addiction blinds a person from life’s light. Those who suffer from this illness stumble in darkness and are obscured from the joys of having direction. I experienced this despair for years; lost in degradation, where shame and blame were commonplace. You see, many in society judged me- labeling me “worthless” and a “loser”. By having no understanding or compassion, they unwittingly worsened my condition. Their callous ideas stigmatized not only my condition, but my very existence. Their failure at compassion now fuels my purpose for life. Fortunately for me, there were others that showed me empathy, and built me up with kind words and love. These people cared enough to help me understand that I had value, and that my story potentially will help save another. It is my past struggles with my illness that allows me to serve others who have experienced similar issues. To help these individuals overcome such issues has become an integral part of my life. To believe a person can succeed, when they are unaware of their own potential, is profoundly humanizing. The hope that this truth creates is the foundation to my life’s work. Through this walk, I have had the opportunity to share my struggles and triumphs with the national media outlet: The Washington Post. My purpose is to give back, in hopes that someone may in turn find their purpose to live.” - Meko Lincoln